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Add your business to our Delivery and Logistics Network

NxGen Brands is currently signing up businesses to become part of the SendPut Intelligent Locker Network.  Be part of the network designed with the Small Business Owner anywhere in the US with Internet access.  Offer your customers:

What We Do

Enable Small Business to Participate of Quick Commerce Industry

Our vision is to establish networks that operate within individual zip codes.  Via the installation of SendPut Sales and Delivery software or integrate via API with the businesses inventory management system.  This partnership’s data will allow us to provide to anyone within the immediate zip code.  

Private Distribution Network

Customers and businesses a like will be able to use the SendPut Intelligent Locker Network to locate in real time what products or services are available within the geographical area requested.

Collaboration Incentivized

Businesses can establish locally the use of technology to expedite the immediate sales of products that currently are ordered online with wait times ranging from 30 min to 2 days.

Automation and operation of Inventory Ops

SendPut Sales app will adjust via geo location to ensure first option of availability for the requested product. AI will advise inventory needs as system forecast requirements at store level.


Local Stores & Services


New Services


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Our Neighborhood Partner

Grow your sales footprint without major investments

Let’s save the big warehouses the hardship of selling the same products that you have on your shelves a small distance from the potential buyer

Additional Services Available

Shipping Services via SendPut Intelligent Locker Network

City Courier

Courier services coordinated as part of our concierge services.  Will include services such as purchase and delivery locally.  Additional information soon.

Trucking Courier

Our network of private drivers and eventual add on of logistic company networks allow the movement of deliveries regardless of size 

Global Availability

We ensure global availability of any product to be received at a SendPut Distribution Center.  Expand sales footprint without additional investments